If you've come here to prepare for your first consultation, welcome! I'm so excited you've made the decision to improve your health with nutrition counseling! In order to fully serve your needs best, we will address more than just food in our sessions. We'll discuss body image, movement, stress management, eating and more, so that together we can develop a way of eating that's satisfying and nourishing for you--body, mind and soul!

The required new client paperwork below is designed to give me a better understanding of your history and needs before our first meeting. It will allow us to spend more time on developing your personalized action plan in our first session. 

Please download the forms below, and if possible, complete and return by email prior to your first appointment or bring them to your first session. If there are questions you are unsure of or uncomfortable answering, please feel free to leave them blank, and we can discuss them in our first session. Thank You!

EMAIL: aubrey@gracefuelednutrition.com