Meal Planning + Intuitive Eating

meal planning + intuitive eating

Meal planning and intuitive eating are not mutually exclusive. And I'll tell you why. But first, what do I mean when I use the term meal planning?

What I DON'T mean is planning out the exact meals and snacks you will eat in order to meet some arbitrary number of calories, portions or macronutrients for the day--that's a diet, and it just leaves you burnt out, dejected and worse off than you were.

No, what I'm talking about still allows you to listen to your body. It's a type of meal planning that promotes flexibility, maintains pleasure in eating, and accounts for regular changes in appetite. It means having a game plan for what you're going to make for dinner, breakfast and lunch on most days. It's having a strategy in place so that you can have snacks on hand to honor your hunger and stay fueled throughout the day. 

Meal planning allows you to make a grocery list each week, to stick to a food budget that fits with your lifestyle and to prevent waste. A good meal plan factors in pleasure AND balance, fun AND health concerns. 

For the busy moms out there, meal planning makes the craziness of feeding your ravenous family just a little bit easier. If done well, it can reduce stress and automate at least a few of the one million decisions you have to make every day. 

Meal planning has this reputation for being black and white, right and wrong. It brings to mind images of tupperware containers and 10 hour meal prep sessions.  But honestly, who has time for that? Not me!

Meal planning can feel rigid, boring and diety. But it doesn't have to be. Diet Culture doesn't own meal planning. We can take back what it tried to make terrible, and use it for our benefit and enjoyment. 

So, if you're someone who loves intuitive eating but needs to:

Stick to a food budget

Feed a family

Have a game plan for a busy schedule

Work around certain health conditions

Make your own life easier

All while you continuing to find pleasure and satisfaction in eating....

Then I have good news for you!

I created an online Meal Planning + Intuitive Eating Workshop to give you the VERY practical tools you'll need to meld these two worlds and reap the benefits of both! Most of us don't intend to neglect caring for our food needs or the needs of our family,  we just simply forget or don't have the time in the moment. The best way to stop this is to have a plan, along with a simple, realistic and effective process for making that plan happen.

That's what we do in the Meal Planning + Intuitive Eating Workshop. I'll teach you how to make a plan that fits with YOUR values and YOUR lifestyle, one that makes eating easier, not harder.

To start, I'm going to be taking a limited number of people for the first Meal Planning + Intuitive Eating Workshop. If you'd like to request a ticket and find out more information, fill in your info below so I can email you details (date, price, etc.).

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